Marine Facilities

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Project Title / Client

Demolition of NRG Forebay Intake Structure/Port of Long Beach

This project consisted of demolition of the existing under water NRG concrete structure. Scope of work included demolition and disposal of the parameter and interior structural walls and dredging of the sediment material inside the NRG structure. IEM assisted the Port in plan check process with the City of Long Beach and prepared probable construction cost estimates and schedules during the design phase of this project.

Pier G Wharf Improvements/Port of Long Beach

This project consisted of repairing the rock dike; driving concrete and steel piles; replacing approximately 70,000 square feet of asphalt concrete deck surface; replacing 1900 feet of existing railroad tracks including ties, ballast and subgrade; demolition and replacement of approximately 1500 feet of rails, ties, and ballast; and installation of approximately 1900 feet of windscreen. IEM provided construction management services for this project.

Pier G Bulkhead Facilities/Port of Long Beach

IEM served as Project Manager for two concurrent and separate construction contracts, mandated by AQMD. The first contract is valued at $3.9 million and consisted of installing a 24-inch storm drain pipeline and replacing the existing rail, asphalt pavement and subgrade material. The second contract is valued at $7.3 million and included installing a new structural steel enclosure, welding and painting the existing enclosures and constructing additional concrete structures.

Pier S Container Backlands/Port of Long Beach

This project included construction of 175 acres of concrete paving with associated underground utility pipelines, installation of electrical duct banks, and asphalt roadways multiple construction contracts, which included a new container yard, concrete wharf, terminal buildings, and intermodal yard facilities. The terminal design included several buildings and structures required to support terminal operations and administration. The design included LEED-certified administration, maintenance and repair, marine operations, rail operations, chassis roadability, and security buildings. IEM provided construction management services for this project.

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