Water/Wastewater Facilities

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Project Title / Client

Weymouth Water Treatment Plant Solar Rehabilitation Project/MWD

IEM provided cost estimating at 90% design phase. The proposed Solar Generation Project would install a three MW photo-voltaic system at two separate locations within the Weymouth Plant. The solar panel arrays at each facility would be mounted six to nine feet above the ground on metal poles embedded within concrete foundations (either at- or below-grade). The solar facility footprint would include a substrate of 2- to 2.5-inch crushed rock aggregate and/or soil stabilizers beneath the solar panels to reduce the potential for soil erosion, and to provide weed and dust control.

Alvarado Water Treatment Plant Expansion/San Diego Water District

The City of San Diego Alvarado Water Treatment Plant (120mgd) Upgrade and Expansion Ozone Project consisted of demolition of the existing 35 MG Earl Thomas Reservoir, construction of a new 35 MG reservoir and all associated yard pipeline, San Diego 17 Tunnel which interconnected 940' of pipeline between the new reservoir and the existing 21 MG east and west reservoirs, San Diego County Water Authority interim pipeline and flow control facility, demolition of the existing Washwater Storage Tank and construction of a new Washwater Storage Tank and Flow Control Piping, rehabilitation of the existing filters, and overhead utility conversion to underground. IEM provided inspection and document control services for this project.

Los Angeles Wastewater Control System Replacement Project (LA WINS)/City of LA, BOS

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (BOS) is implementing a new enterprise-wide distributed control system for its four-wastewater treatment facilities and wastewater collection system to integrate various operational systems at an enterprise level from a single location. The new Distributive Control System (DCS), referred to as the "Los Angeles Wastewater Integrated Network Systems" (LA WINS), will allow the operation of any of the reclamation facilities and the collection system from any point on the new network. IEM is currently providing scheduling and project engineering services for this project.

Effluent Pumping Plant Header Replacement & Rehabiliatation/City of Los Angeles, BOE

The $9.5M Effluent Pumping Plant Header Replacement and Rehabilitation project scope includes rehabilitation of the HTP Effluent Pumping Plant (EPP) Main Header piping and valves ranging from 54" to 120" carbon steel pipes. The scope of work includes rehabilitation and coating of five (5) existing suction pump pipes with Internally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Lining (CFRP) including butterfly control valves, gravity line for underground steel outfall with 45-degree incline, and cleanout pipe with Carbon Reinforced Polymer Line. It also includes replacement of main discharge header pipes including rehabilitation of butterfly valves, three (3) 30" access manholes, and one 2" release valve, replacement of pumps discharge pipes including rehabilitation of butterfly control valves, miscellaneous piping, and providing four (4) new bulkheads. IEM is providing construction management services for this project.

Four Tertiary AquaDisc Filters/City of Los Angeles, BOE

Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant (DCTWRP), owned by the City of Los Angeles, plant's processes consists of grit removal, bar screens, primary clarifiers, aeration tanks and secondary clarifiers, followed by sixteen shallow bed traveling bridge sand filters, chlorination, and dechlorination, prior to water reclamation or discharge. This project retrofitted eight of the existing sand filters with AquaDiamond cloth media filters. Each AquaDiamond filter for the DCTWRP is designed to handle an average flow of 12.5 mgd and maximum flow of 22 mgd. Under these flow rates, the filters are required to achieve Title 22 California Department of Public Health Water Recycling Criteria. IEM provided construction management services for this project.

Groundwater Replenishment System/Orange County Water District

The Orange County Water District's Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS) was constructed in multiple phases. This phase took 120-mgd of highly treated wastewater from the Orange County Sanitation District and purified it through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide for disinfection. Part of the 70-mgd purified water was then injected into a seawater intrusion barrier, with the remaining water pumped and transported through a 13-mile pipeline, 60"-76" in diameter, to spreading basins in Anaheim. In the spreading basins, the water would naturally filter through the ground and blend with Orange County's other sources of groundwater. IEM provided inspection and document control services for this project.

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